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#5: Dear Weirdos

#5: Dear Weirdos


From the coffee vault: Dear Weirdos has returned for a limited time.


This coffee was produced by a retired primary school teacher, Dorothy Njeri Gitau, who owns Mung'ethu Estate in Kiambu Kenya. Her estate grows small quantities of coffee along the Komothai river over 1800 meters above sea level. The growing conditions here are excellent for coffee and it shows in the finished product:  a coffee that is heavy bodied, syrupy, and ripe with blackberry and peach notes. 


What are vault coffees?


We reserve a small portion of the coffees that we love too much to say goodbye to. Instead, we say "see ya later" and freeze vacuum sealed packs to be re-released at a later date. This process keeps the green coffee functionally the same as it was when we first released it and allows us to revisit some of our faves.


    Producer: Dorothy Njeri Gitau 
    Origin: Kiambu, Kenya
    Processing Method: Washed
    Varieties: SL28, Riuri 11
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