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About us

Who the heck is running this place?

Jessica Mill is the mayor of roast town (a close cousin to flavor town) and manages all of the day-to-day activity in Weird City. If you're talking to somebody online or wondering who wrote all of this, it's most likely them.

In addition to Jess, art and packaging design is done by Kit Bear, a recent CSUS design studies graduate. Their detailed and colorful illustrations bring Weird City to life and you can find more of their work here.

You'll also see Jess' partner, Andrew, making deliveries and running orders for curbside pick-up. Behind the scenes he's the "idea guy" and exhaust fan cleaning expert.

What do you roast on?


We're currently using an Aillio Bullet to roast coffee. The Bullet is an electric drum roaster with top-of-the-line components that allow for precise and consistent roasting. We roast 12 to 24 ounces of coffee per batch.

What is Weird City?

Weird City is a teeny tiny coffee roaster. Licensed as a "cottage" business, we roast small batch coffee right out of our home in midtown, Sacramento. About as local as a business can get.

Our coffees are only available online.

About Us


How do I buy what you're selling?

Easy! Head to the shop dropdown menu at the top of this page, or select a category link at the bottom, add whatever coffee or merch items you want, and then click the shopping bag in the top right corner. Once you're on the cart page, follow the steps to check out.

We need a custom gift for our office employees/wedding guests/army of best friends...

Coffee makes a great gift, and we'd love to help make your gifts unique. We can customize our packaging to include special messages or a company logo. Reach out to us on the wholesale and events page and let's work together!

Alright, I've ordered some coffee...when do I get it?


If you opted for shipping, your order will ship within 2-3 days. We ship using USPS priority and most orders arrive within 2 days.

If you decided to pick-up your order, you will receive an email once it is ready for pick-up (typically within 24 hours). From there you can schedule a time to drop by, or head to the pick-up scheduling page on our website.



How do subscriptions work?


Subscriptions are a great way to support us and get your coffee without having to think too hard. 

You get coffee shipped directly to your door once a month, plus a sweet enamel pin, a discount in the shop, and free stickers and goodies every once in a while. We get the satisfaction that only finding another Weirdo can bring. Win-win.

Sounds great, how do I sign up?


Head to the subscription page and select the coffees you would like to receive. You can choose to subscribe for the year and receive one free month or subscribe month-to-month and cancel or pause whenever you need to.

I'm ready to cancel or pause, how do I do that?


Head to your account page and navigate to your subscriptions tab. From there, an option to cancel or pause is available.

You can also email or text us to cancel and we can do it from our end right away. 


weird city weirdos

Weirdo Points?


Hey look, it's a loyalty program! Earn one point for every dollar spent in the Weird City online shop. Points accumulate in your account and can be redeemed for discounts, with more prizes on the way!

How do I check my points/redeem for rewards?


Head to your account page and navigate to the "my rewards" tab. From there you can see your balance and available rewards.

Weirdo Points
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