2: A Place for Freaks

Coffee Details


Costa Rica


Luis Edwardo Campos


Caturra, Catuai




Pineapple, hibiscus, toffee


Leaving Normalc(it)y was the easy part, and getting to a new, uninhabited planet? In our fantasy universe that was even easier.

The planet was a small, round rock, covered in flat, sandy deserts stitched together by mountain ranges. An abandoned trash planet, where, long ago, the people of Normalc(it)y had sent their excess trash. Something in that trash had turned all of the rivers and streams an iridescent, inky blue. In the sunlight, it looked like they were flowing with glitter.

It was a strange-looking place. Colourful and cluttered, but it seemed safe.

We landed the Quest near the largest pile of trash we could see and claimed it for Weird City. This would be our city's foundation; our new home.

A place for freaks.