6: Message Received

Coffee Details




Hacienda La Bastilla


Caturra, Red and Yellow Catuai, Paraneima, Java SL28, Geisha




Syrupy, blueberry, raspberry


It was months after the note was found before anyone in Weird City actually saw the creature they had since named “Slow Mo” Some weirdos wanted to send a group to find him and demand answers, but Mudge suggested that perhaps Slow Mo was sort of like the Weird City kitties. He’d come to see us when he was ready, but if we tried to chase him down, we’d never find him.

When the cave dweller, Slow Mo, finally did appear, he was carrying a basket full of glowing mushrooms and berries. He didn’t smile or say much, just dropped the basket in the middle of town, took a quick look around, grumbled something to himself, nodded, and walked away. The next time he returned, again with a basket of odd edibles, we had prepared a basket of gifts for him, too. This scenario repeated for a while, but each time he would linger a little longer and offer a few more words than the time before.

They were friends, sort of. As friendly as they needed to be. Mudge and Luna were hopeful that over time Slow Mo would be able to teach them more about the planet, and, hopefully, Weird City could offer him something in return.