4: The Cave Dweller

Coffee Details


Gedeo, Ethiopia


650 small producers organized around the Aricha coffee mill


Caturra, Colombia, Castillo


Double-washed and fermented 36-48 hours; dried on raised beds


Jasmine, black tea, honey


The Cave Dweller had lived alone for a very long time on Normalcity’s trash planet. He made himself a modest home in a cave of flowers, that was lit naturally from within by glowing crystals, away from the trash.

Before his arrival here, he had been a child of one of Normalcity’s leaders, brought up in the comfortable world of the Normalcity political elite. He was going to be a something someday, or at least that’s what everyone had told him.

But he didn’t want to be a something. He wanted to be his own thing, and his own thing was much slower and much quieter than Normalcity seemed to prefer. So, he left without any intention of returning. He didn’t even have a proper name anymore. He didn’t need one because there was no one to introduce himself to.

That was, until the day he saw a roaster rocket ship on the horizon, landing near a fresh patch of trash. He wasn’t sure that he believed what he saw. Two freaks and their cats, quickly turning the pile of trash into what looked like a city.

“How dare they”, he muttered to himself, while grabbing a pen and paper.

“Completely unacceptable, they must be stopped…”

The Cave Dweller went back into his cave and began to write.