3: Weird City

Coffee Details


​Caldas, Colombia


​Microlot sourced from small producers and processed by Juan Felipe Aristizábal at his wet mill


Caturra, Colombia, Castillo


Natural; sun dried on raised beds for 30 days


Berries and milk chocolate


For months, Mudge, Luna, and the Weird City Kitties worked to build their fantasy world.

Weird City was beginning to take shape out of the garbage pile. We had built homes, the planet had abundant natural resources, and nothing seemed to bother us on the part of the planet that Weird City inhabited. The air smelled like fresh-baked croissants and roasted coffee. It was paradise.

But we were running out of steam and wondering if we had made a big mistake. Weird City felt empty and strange.

We looked around and realized immediately what was missing. In our haste to leave, we had forgotten the biggest reason we had stayed in Normalcity so long in the first place: The other freaks.

So, we built a beacon. An impossibly strong beam of light that sent A call to Freaks and Weirdos everywhere to join the cause and come and build their community.

Mudge and I weren't sure that anyone would want to live with us, but shortly after the beacon was switched on, weirdos began to arrive. Slowly at first, just one or two friends, and then entire ships full of the most bizarre and unusual travelers landed.

Weird City was becoming everyone's fantasy: diverse, open, and full of feeling. While some built and gave everything that they could, others gave little. It didn't matter to us; their presence was enough.

It was finally Weird City.