Welcome to Weird City

Established in 2020, Weird City is our teeny tiny cottage coffee roastery in the real world and our imaginary city in the not-so-real world. We sell coffee. We tell stories. We aim to make the world more colorful, more caffeinated, and more weird.

Weird City is a special place where everyone is welcome, being a Freak is a good thing, and the only rule is kindness. We hope you'll make yourself at home.

Coffee for Everyone

There's a coffee for every palate here in Weird City, whether you're after something light and fruit forward or rich and bittersweet. Decaf? We've got that too. There's even a 'tea' made from the skins of coffee cherries available if you want to try something different.

All of our coffees are sourced with care and roasted one pound at a time here in midtown Sacramento.